We are restoring a house in France, so I made tiles for the bathrooms, and for the kitchen. The designs were intended to reflect the history or function of the room, or the history of the house. Since in most cases the bathroom tiles were fitting into a space in an otherwise standard commercial tile layout, the size and thickness had to be very accurate. All were made of white earthenware, the clay was rolled out in a framework to ensure a uniform thickness, and the shrinkage was calculated to try to end up with a set of tiles all of the same size. When leather hard they were stacked with weights on top, to dry slowly. Every attempt was made to avoid bending the tiles during manufacture, as the clay seemed to have a memory, and would then warp later. The tiles in this photo were actually made at least 25 years ago, at Elmwood pottery, while I was doing evening classes, and they have been waiting for the right place  ever since. Visitors to Cornwall will recognise them from the kitchen windowsill.


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