Thrown pots

The feel of the clay rising up balanced and symmetrical, as you move your hands,  is one of the most satisfying sensations there is. I was never trained as a production potter, and it is always a struggle to make a series of pots to be the same size and curve. I watch other potter’s videos on you tube with awe, especially Hsin Chuen  Lin, who seems to work so effortlessly. And silently.

this bowl has a design derived from tiles at the Alhambra gardens at Granada.

I have had enormous problems with cracks in the bases in the last 2 years. I have tried drying slowly, inverting during drying, compressing the base during throwing to ‘compact the lamellae’, regulating the thickness of the foot I cut, and nothing works reliably, which is a pain when some of the decoration takes quite a while. This year I will try reducing the size of the base during throwing, a different version of compacting, but this time from side to side.

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