This is a place for me to keep a record of ideas.

The pages contain images of pots I have made.

My posts are about things happening locally, or recipes (sorry, corny) as a good recipe is always worth having. Also about recent new developments in my pots.

Influences important to me are  Bernard Leach (inevitably), traditional Japanese pots, traditional Egyptian pots such as are found in the Flinders Petrie Museum, early majolica, Delft tiles, early mediaeval encaustic tiles such as are found in Church and cathedral floors, and a whole lot more. More recently, Hsien Chuen Lin. I visit the V&A ceramics gallery when I can, but need a break after a couple of hours, as the brain gets fuzzy.

One thought on “Home

  1. Hi there
    I’m contacting you because we both showed work in the Dulwich Artists’ Open House scheme this last May. I’m a painter living in SE22, email davidanthonyhopkins@gmail.com / instagram @davidanthonyhopkins/www.davidhopkinspaintings.co.uk.
    Camberwell Arts organisation (http://www.camberwellarts.org.uk/) is planning Open Studios on Dec 2nd/3rd ‘in and around SE5’ (I think SE22 would fall into their definition of ‘east of Denmark Hill’ hence the 1st of their 2 proposed weekends. I contacted them to see if this could include SE22, and the answer is Yes, if we can get a critical mass going, i.e. several of us in East Dulwich showing work either in our house or studio. After the Dulwich Open House, I and another artist friend here thought it would be good to have another opportunity to show and maybe sell work without paying any gallery commission. So far there are more than half an dozen of us in ED definitely interested, plus Alastair who runs Rye Books & shows his father-in-law’s artworks in his shop.
    The application costs £30 (https://camberwellarts.wufoo.eu/forms/mz7hjwc1g438j3/) My contact point at Camberwell Arts was Gita Joshi, who also runs Orso Major Gallery in Lower Marsh SE1 (info@orsomajor.com), whom I know slightly from the SE London art scene. I knew that previous Camberwell Arts initiatives had a very broad definition of Camberwell. If you are interested in this opportunity, do email me, though I’ve obviously got nothing to do with the application process. I’ve just heard that ED will definitely be included, so we can go ahead and apply. I’m continuing meanwhile to contact further artists in SE22.
    Best wishes, David Hopkins

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